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She plays o' the viol-de-gamboys, speaks three or four languages word for word without book, hath all the good gifts of nature, knows a hawk from a handsaw, and can see a church by daylight. The rest is subject to fancy.

Elsewhere for March 19, 2017

You should read this for 3/19/2017: For a lot of people, this will clear up the confusion. — Steven Alvarez (@Chastitellez) March 11, 2017 Or see this Cornell mathematician Steven Strogatz writing for The New Yorker on Why Pi

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Elsewhere for March 5, 2017

You should read this for 3/5/2017: Big data and politics means money, death served cold, read more, think more, do more, digital monks, she reads way more than he does,  and scones. Robert Mercer: the big data billionaire waging war

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Elsewhere for March 12, 2017

You should read this for 3/12/2017: Zell Liew on How to choose and pair typefaces Outsmarted: On the liberal cult of the cognitive elite or “What does it mean to be ‘smart,’ and why does it matter to us so much?”

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How to Talk About Poetry

Let’s be honest. Reading poetry, in the greater scheme of things, is just this side of engaging in an obscenity. Poetry is meant to be spoken or sung or chanted; it’s meant to be heard and shared, it’s not meant

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Elsewhere for February 26, 2017

You should read this for 2/26/2017: From Time: This Is the Real Reason Apple Is Fighting the FBI Via The New Yorker: The Radical Argument of the New Oxford Shakespeare Via (hat tip to New study reignites debate

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Western Wind

Western wind, when will thou blow? The small rain down can rain. Christ, if my love were in my arms, And I in my bed again! Anonymous; British Library Royal Appendix 58 c. Early Sixteenth Century “Western Wind” (or “Westron

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Elsewhere for February 18, 2017

You should read this for 2/19/2017 :An encouraging thought, life in crystal, of the making of ebooks there is no end; we just need a better way to read, stories with Picts, and twice-baked cookies. Green Shoots (even in the

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Elsewhere for February 11, 2017

You should read this for 2/12/2017: Compassionate Canadians, Looting Qumranians, Linguistically undermining evil, Bots fight back, She Persists, and Pho Quebec City Imam’s Profoundly Magnanimous Eulogy Includes White Gunman in List of Victims Excavations in a cave on the cliffs west

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Activism and Making Your Vote Count

Contacting your legislators, your Representatives and Senators is both a privilege and a right. It’s also particularly important. I’ve created a page with some US Activism and Engagement Resources to help you contact your elected officials to let them know what’s

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Elsewhere for February 5, 2017

You should read this for 2/5/2017:  Protection for priests, clams, and refugees, and sauce for chimney Sweepers who eat steak People and Companies Matching ACLU Donations. Secret Room in UK Mansion Tied to King James I Assassination Attempt On the

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