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Bogons What are bogon IPs you are asking? Well I didn?t know either. There is no reason to really. Here is what they are. Officially they are not IP blocks officially allocated by IANA or RIRs. Additiona…

Digital Taspestries ?All of the web sets you see in the list below are free – totally and unreservedly, no strings attached. You don?t even have to use the Link-Back buttons provided with each web set if you do not wi…

CSS Tutorial

Lime Chicken with Black Bean Sauce ? Simply Recipes

The Adventures of Action Item! Comic by Neil McAllister. ?All the buzzwords, and pictures too.?

Omniglot – writing systems and languages of the world

Microsoft Word Calendar Templates…

Fantasy Worldbuilding Questions By Patricia C. Wrede

HNN Discussion Board Policies What Rules Govern HNN?s Discussion Boards and Blogs? Why doesn?t hnn allow readers to post comments using a pseudonym? Very specific rules, and lots of them.

Beepods… Beepods are handsome, made-in-Wisconsin wooden beehives designed for optimum bee comfort and user-friendliness. The cost? Less than $500.

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