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Kate Elliott, Court of Fives

Kate Elliott has created a richly detailed world in Court of Fives, her first YA novel, though not her first excursion into heroic fantasy. Jessamy, or Jess, is a twin, one of four sisters, the daughter of a Patron (or

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Laura Anne Gilman, Silver on The Road

One of the things I most love about Laura Anne Gilman’s fantasy/paranormal books is the way she takes folklore and myth and makes it her own, rendering the familiar into something new and strange, but at the same time, coherent

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Jo Walton, What Makes This Book So Great: Re-Reading the Classics of Fantasy and SF

Jo Walton, aside from being the author of Among Others, and the Small Change books Farthing, Ha’ Penny and Half a Crown, has been engaging in online conversations about really good books since UseNet, at least. When Tor decided to

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Ilana C. Myer, Last Song Before Night

Ilana C. Myer’s Last Song Before Night is, in the most simplistic reduction, a quest fantasy, set in the rich, complex pseudo-medieval society of Eivar where poets and seers are trained in a special academy. Once, long ago, poets were

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Fran Wilde, Updraft

Fran Wilde’s Updraft is a debut novel from a writer with a strong record of short story publication. Set in a post apocalyptic culture where people spend their lives above the clouds in living towers of bone, depending on fliers

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John D. Rateliff, The History of the Hobbit

Image of the slipcase and books of John D. Rateliff's History of the Hobbit

John D. Rateliff’s The History of the Hobbit is a handsome three-volume slip-cased set of hard covers. The first two volumes are the actual History of the Hobbit, in the form of Part One: Mr Baggins, and Part Two: Return

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Delia Sherman, Changeling

Cover of Delia Sherman's Changeling, showing the undersea otherworld

Unknown to ordinary mortals, there are at least two New Yorks, which share geography,but not reality. Changeling is mostly set in New York Between, and Neef is a changeling, the Changeling of the title, and lives in the Otherworld of

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Charles Stross, The Hidden Family

Cover of Charles Stross The Hidden Family

The second novel in a projected trilogy by Charles Stross, The Hidden Family picks up right where the first one ends, with Miriam fleeing an assassination attempt and an attempt to frame her in an attack on another member of

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