The Life of the Book Reviewer, In Pictures

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The Book Publicity Blog collected pictures of the over-flowing bookshelves, desks, and floors, of book reviewers. Many authors, especially those who have newly self-published, think that book reviewers are just waiting to receive a copy of their book

The idea to collect the images was inspired by Murderati blogger and reviewer Tess Gerritsen’s post about Why the hell won’t they review my book.”


The truth of the matter is that there are thousands more books to be reviewed than book reviewers can possibly review—even if they wanted to review them all, and the sad truth is that a rather large percentage of the books in question are really rather wretched. 

You can read about the project to collect picures of reviewer’s shelves, and see the Flickr stream of the photos

The Dallas Morning News book room

This is the Dallas Morning News>/cite> Book Room, after the reviewer failed to shelve books “for a few weeks.”

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