Elsewhere for October 9, 2016

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You should read this for 10/9/2016:

How to make Armenian coffee from Henry Kalebjian Henry is the master roaster at San Francisco’s Henry’s House of Coffee

The Neighborhood Bookstore’s Unlikely Ally? The Internet“After years of losses, [independent bookstores] are emerging from the decimation, with the number of independent bookstores rising 21 percent from 2010 to 2015. In a twist of fate, it is the internet — the very thing that was supposed to wipe them out — that is helping these small stores.”

Washington Post: “Finally. Someone who thinks like me.”“Like millions of others, she believed that President Obama was a Muslim. And like so many she had gotten to know online through social media, she also believed that he was likely gay, that Michelle Obama could be a man, and that the Obama children were possibly kidnapped from a family now searching for them.”

The latest Pew research poll shows people think libraries have resources they need“The Pew survey found that libraries have become important community tech hubs in recent years, particularly for young, black, and low-income communities. The public institutions provide important access to computers, the internet, and public Wi-Fi networks, surveyors reported.”

Via Epicurious; A moist New Year’s Honey Cake La Shana Tova; happy New Year! Welcome in 5775 with a tasty tradition.

White House tribute to Ray CharlesAnd yes, there’s singing. Going to miss the Obamas; a great President and First Lady, who are also a loving couple and parents. They’ve made the world better.

Tsundoku: There’s a word in Japanese for Buying Books and Not Reading them

She plays o' the viol-de-gamboys, speaks three or four languages word for word without book, hath all the good gifts of nature, knows a hawk from a handsaw, and can see a church by daylight. The rest is subject to fancy.