Elsewhere for January 8, 2017

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You should read this for 1/08/2017:Acknowledging community history in Australia; poorly conceived test questions, 💩🔥💰’s avalanche of cleansing, and Baked beans from Maine

What Does It Mean to Acknowledge the Past? “Gathering together to listen to speeches and watch performances is one way civilizations share values. These events can foster community as well as breed animus, as we saw Donald J. Trump so successfully accomplish in his campaign rallies. Since the election, white supremacists and perpetuators of hate speech appear to be emboldened. In this political climate, the words we use and the traditions we champion matter more than ever.”

And so it begins: 💩🔥💰’s Purge Of Non-Loyalists Takes Shape Using an obscure 1876 rule that allows them to cut any federal employee’s pay to $1, the GOP Congress begins to set up for the purge of non-loyal-to-Trump federal employees that Donald Trump’s team has been talking about.

Poet Sara Holbrook can’t answer questions on Texas standardized tests about her own poems, and doesn’t understand why they would be used as source material in any case.

Maine Baked Beans (with salt pork!)

She plays o' the viol-de-gamboys, speaks three or four languages word for word without book, hath all the good gifts of nature, knows a hawk from a handsaw, and can see a church by daylight. The rest is subject to fancy.