Submitting Material For Review

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Authors, Artists, and Publishers

Please use the Contact form below to inquire about sending us material for review.

  • Provide the title, the author/artist’s name, the expected/actual date of publication and a synopsis or description of the book or album.
  • Include a link to the publisher’s /producer’s website.
  • Read some of our previous reviews to determine if Floccinaucical is an appropriate venue.

What We Review: Books

  • Science Fiction, Fantasy, Speculative Fiction and Horror
  • Mystery, Thriller, Detective
  • Historical Fiction
  • Graphic Novels, especially those with aspects of SF/F or Horror
  • Literary Fiction, especially lit fic that has aspects of historical fiction, SF/F, magic realism.
  • English and American novels, drama and poetry that are part of the standard canon.
  • With respect to fiction, we are primarily interested in novels, but will also review a limited number of short story collections and themed anthologies.
  • Non Fiction, particularly culinary arts and histories, cookbooks, history, agronomy, literary criticism (especially of SF/F, Horror, and canon literature)

What we Review: Music

Traditional /World music, particularly Celtic and British Traditional/Folk music, Jazz, Blues, Classic rock, Folk Rock, and singer/songwriter.

Classical music (including Early music, Medieval /Renaissance, Baroque)

Format: Books

We are perfectly willing to review ARCs, digital or printed.

We welcome ebooks either in Epub, PDF, or Kindle form.

Format: Music


MP3/Digital download — if liner notes are included or available online

Note: At the moment, we only accept a very limited number of self-published books, or POD or vanity published books; those books we accept for review are typically re-issues of trade published books or works by people whose works we are already familiar with.

Please Contact Us Before Sending Materials for Review