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Elsewhere posts are what are often described as link round-up posts. Categorized, curated links to posts elsewhere with titles, brief descriptions, quotations, and sometimes, commentary. These are posts that I read and think others might find them interesting, possibly provocative, but worth the time and energy to read. They were in some ways why we started in the first place; to curate and annotate posts that deserved some time, traffic and attention. The Elsewhere categories have changed and will likely continue to change with time, but books, language, history, art, and food are always present. Since the U.S. election of 2016, we have included a section regarding the antics of # 45. We hope soon to be able to stop including that section as it is soul-wearying.

Writing and Presenting Your Thesis or Dissertation This guide has been created to assist my graduate students in thinking through the many aspects of crafting, implementing and defending a thesis or dissertation. It is my attempt to share some of the many…

CSS Font and Text Style Generator

PDF Templates for CD cases, Boxes, etc. Envelope Sizes DVD and CD Label Typical Folders Postcard Sizes Business Card Sizes Standard Foldings Binding Styles Paper Sizes Lorem Ipsum Generator Create placeholder text for your layouts. Web Browser Elements W…

In the Beginning was the Command Line by Neal Stephenson

How to Buy a House

Geek to Live: Take great notes – Lifehacker

ttp:// Several methods of using a form, and links to notetaking .pdf generators.

Notepad Generator – 1.0.0a

This tool allows you to customize a PDF notepad. I needed a way to organize my notes from various meetings, so I developed this to assist me. Below you can customize how you would like your PDF file to look. You can then print it out on standard 8…

Betrayed by Your Adviser

February 20, 2006 Chronicle of Higher Education By David D. Perlmutter The second source behind the dead-end dissertations, and the one I?ll focus on here, is advisers who, for whatever reason, decide to use a student?s dissertation as an extensio…

Concise, SCANNABLE, and Objective: How to Write for the Web

John Morkes and Jakob Nielsen (1997) Abstract Studies of how users read on the Web found that they do not actually read: instead, they scan the text. A study of five different writing styles found that a sample Web site scored 58% higher in measur…

Vision Simulator: Color blindness and Cataracts

How do things look to people with colorblindness or cataracts?

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