Managing Information (and Privilege)

Managing Information (and Privilege)June 1, 200

Guest posts by Ian Ayres and Jennifer Gerarda Brown, authors of Straightforward: How to Mobilize Heterosexual Support for Gay Rights.Princeton University Press, 2005. ISBN-13: 978-0691121345

As Larry mentioned, we’ve just published Straightforward – which makes the argument that mobilizing heterosexual support is crucial to making progress on securing equal rights for gay, lesbian, and bisexual citizens. The book is packed with advice about what people can do – on personal and public levels.

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The first chapter of our book discusses how we might set out to manage heterosexual privilege. We highlight three approaches: exploiting, renouncing, and disabling privilege. We also suggest informational strategies for implementing each approach. We’ll try to suggest factors that counsel allies to speak out specifically as heterosexuals, and others that suggest it’s better to leave sexual orientation ambiguous.

I’d Leave the Country, but My Wife Won’t Let Me…

By Laura Conaway Tuesday, Feb 24 2004

My loved ones and I were standing at the wrong end of a government’s gun—not literally, of course, but in a way that threatens our deepest understanding of our lives. Our hopes for a happy, loving, ordinary marriage had become a national threat. George Bush had called for an amendment against same-sex marriage.

Men who hate women on the Web

Joan Walsh
Saturday, Mar 31, 2007

Is there really any doubt that women writing on the Web are subject to more abuse than men, simply because they’re women? Really? I’ve been following the Kathy Sierra blog storm, thinking I had nothing new to say, but the continued insistence that Sierra, and those who defend her, are somehow overreacting, or charging sexism where none exists, makes it hard for a mouthy woman to stay silent.