Penne Pasta with Beef: Simply Recipes

CSS Layout Techniques: for Fun and Profit If you are looking for help making the transition to CSS layout (that?s Cascading Style Sheets), you?ve come to the right place. I am cataloging here as many useful cross-browser CSS layout techniques as I can find, and s…

Roman Women: BBC History

The Extreme Sticky Notes Experiements

Abducted by Aliens The aliens in the legends that follow are not those from outer space, but rather underground people from our own earth: fairies, trolls, elves, and the like.

What is DRM really good for If DRM systems really are being used primarily to suppress competition and prevent innovation, they are working directly in opposition to the fundamental purpose of co…

‘What Just Ain’t So’ ?Reviewing manuscripts can benefit scholars and bring them into a respected circle. It can also inadvertently become detrimental to one?s career. Both roles demand academic rigor and a commi…

A basic guide on setting up a home-based web server ?If you?ve got any interest in setting up a Mac mini (or other Mac) as a web server in your home, I wrote up my experiences doing just that. ?

Writing a Cover Letter for a Community College Job


A Bit of Fry and Laurie on Shakespeare re-write

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